Design Research and Public Engagement (WG2)

This working groups aims to map and identify a range of dominant actors and sources of narrative information about the pandemic crisis. We have collected qualitative data from the communication experts to investigate the network, interaction and collaboration in national and regional level. Retrospective analysis of communication experts perceptions of the pandemic crisis management will reveal the what kinds of sources and communication channels they find trustworthy and accessible. We will also verify the influence of sources amongst diverse public groups through focus groups and interviews with participants.

Key research projects in the WG include:

  • Building trust through locality: Communicative practices of Finnish healthcare communication experts: Minttu Tikka & Vuokko Härmä, Paper presented at the International Crisis and Risk Communication Conference (ICRCC), Orlando, Florida, 7-9 March, 2022.
  • Studying the potentials and pitfalls of information gathering tools designed for crisis management: Minttu Tikka, Vuokko Härmä, Nitin Sawhney, Teemu Leinonen & Jonatan Lygdman, Paper accepted to ECREA 2022, 9th European Communication Conference, Aarhus, 19-22 October, 2022.


Vuokko Härmä

Senior Researcher (+358)29 524 7258

Minttu Tikka

Postdoctoral Researcher (+358)50 443 5558

Teemu Leinonen

Associate Professor +358 50 351 6796

Nitin Sawhney

Principal Investigator

Uttishta Varanasi

Design Researcher